Conspiracy theories abound


The more I read on social media, the more people I speak to, conspiracy theories are becoming a real issue.  They are creating panic and fear in people.  I acknowledge that the future is unclear and uncertain.  And yes, we need to do all we can to help those in need.  However, times like this call for clear heads, measured responses and calm.covid-19-icap

What COVID-19 has shown us is the reality of our own mortality, and how fragile life actually is.  We live blissfully oblivious to these facts most of the time.  However, now facing this virus, suddenly, we must consider the fragility of life.

As we are faced with this reality, why pray tell would we feed our minds with more conspiracy theories?  The internet has always been full of them, but now more than ever people are grasping for reasons for COVID-19.  They are looking for someone to blame.  Interestingly the usual scape goat for disasters, God, is not highest on the list.  Rumours and conspiracies abound. It’s 5G, it’s the Chinese, it’s Trump, it’s man made, it’s the Israelis, it’s governments, it’s the illuminati, it’s Bill Gates, it’s in vaccines.  It’s to get everyone to get ‘The mark of the beast’ It’s all about placing fear in people so world powers can be in control.  REALLY?

People are even asking if anyone knows someone personally who has died from COVID-19!  Well I do.

Let me ask you this, ‘What in all of this can you control?’ Jesus said it this way. “So, which one of you by worrying could add anything to your life?” Another translation says it this way, “Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life?” (Matthew 6:27) In other words, you aren’t in control, so don’t feed your fears!

People listen to all the voice notes flying around. All the articles of doom and gloom.  Those are the ones which sell, the ones which give bad news and spread fear. We read all the conspiracy theories of where this came from and speculate about our futures.  Yes, we are facing difficulties, the fear we face in the crisis of COVID-19. We find time to complain to God about the uncertainty of these times. We spend so much time telling God how bad everything is going. No one knows the future apart from our Father in heaven.  That’s the place we should be focusing.

This is a time to remember that God is bigger than all these difficulties, crisis and uncertainty! It’s time to trust in Him. We cannot control this, if we try, we show we do not trust Him. It does take an emptying of oneself in order that He can fill you with His peace. Spend time with Jesus in prayer, worship and the reading of scripture. You want peace in these times, empty yourself and find it in one person Who is bigger than the tempest that is life now. The peace producer, Jesus.

What you feed in your life is what will grow in your life.  Could I encourage you to read from reliable sources, check and verify any stories before sharing them, and most importantly feed your mind with bible reading and your soul with prayer and worship.

Peace be with you, stay connected, safe and healthy. Andrew

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