Compassion or Anger

Driving to take my daughter Annah to school today, I was disturbed by the newspaper headlines pasted all over lampposts.  Eskom is holding South Africa to ransom, SAA is facing liquidation because bailout funds are delayed, Telkom is retrenching three thousand employees, and more horrible news.  My initial heart response was anger if I am honest. These evil, corrupt, unqualified, grossly negligent people who are plundering South Africa for their own benefit.  And all the while not giving a thought or a care to the consequences in people’s lives.  While this in my estimation is true, I dropped Annah off … Continue reading Compassion or Anger

Finding peace in the storm

Anyone need more peace in their lives? If you look back over this year, ok that may be a little long. Look back over the last month, ok that may also be a bit long. Look back over the last week, possibly that may be a little long. Ok, look back over the last day. Who needs more peace in their lives? Peace is something everyone wants, yet few seem to find. What is peace? It can be defined as “tranquillity, harmony, or security.” Depending on the situation, it could mean “prosperity” or “well-being.” There are lots of different forms … Continue reading Finding peace in the storm

Who is on the road with you

This time of the year is always busy. The build up to year end, but this year isn’t just year end. It’s decade end. Folks are stretched, tempers flair, things are said in the heat of the moment. We are inundated with climate change, political ineptitude, crime, corruption, health issues, the rising cost of living. However even though the cost of living is rising, living remains very popular. We struggle through difficulties, and this time of year with the pace quickening toward year end, everything seems magnified. The echo chamber of social media does not help matters at all. We … Continue reading Who is on the road with you

Do we live Transactional Christianity

We live transactional live. We ascribe value to all sorts of things. May be not always directly but indirectly or through innuendo. The other day I stopped off at the Spar to buy Mandy her favorite pie, Lemon Meringue. The box had the R35 price stamped on the top, which I thought would be tacky on a gift, so I asked the lady behind the counter for a marker to black out the price. It didn’t work—you could still see the price through the ink. “I know what to do,” the women said. “I’ll cover it up.” And, with that, … Continue reading Do we live Transactional Christianity

What’s up with that?

I am going to start this off  by asking two questions? 1 – “Did you have the perfect week?”  In other words, you never had one difficulty?  Your week was like floating through a eutopia? And I am not talking about the Bok’s win and Ireland’s loss to Japan 😁 2 – “Did you encounter difficulties this week?” What’s up with that?  We are all Christians.  Why is life not perfect?  After all Jesus promises us abundant life. Remember his words in the book of John, “A thief has only one thing in mind—he wants to steal, slaughter, and destroy. But … Continue reading What’s up with that?

Who are you following?

A person said, “My kids don’t have Facebook” His friend replied, “So, how will you know when their birthdays are?” Your parents in 1996: “Don’t trust ANYBODY on the internet!” Your parents today: Don’t say that about her she is my friend on Facebook. We are going out, Uber to your friends place and order Mr Delivery for dinner. Oh, and order a new school bag from Takealot… My wife complained that my life revolves around Facebook and it has destroyed the way we communicate. So, I’ve blocked her! In this world and the way things are going we have … Continue reading Who are you following?

The Hope We Have

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens: a time to be born and a time to die…,” ‭‭Ecclesiastes‬ ‭3:1-2‬ ‭NIV‬‬‬‬‬‬ This has been one of those weeks, three wonderful people within three days have passed through to be with a Jesus. I will not name them for every families pain is their own reality, as is my own, but as I write this I pray that Jesus promise to comfort those who mourn would be a manifest reality for us all. Even though we are believers and have certain hope of our … Continue reading The Hope We Have