The last six months of this decade

How crazy is it that this month finds us in the second half of 2019? The realization that we only have six months to prepare for the next decade is a sobering thought.  What are your next ten years going to look like? Where will you be in ten years? More importantly, who will you be in ten years? Every decision, every action, every mouthful of food, contributes to who you are becoming and where you will be in ten years time. We sat with a doctor at a dinner a while ago. We began to dialogue about health and … Continue reading The last six months of this decade

A pastoral note on church

In the busyness of life, so much comes before our faith.  As we look at our lives and what lies ahead, there is one thing we can depend on.  The one thing that is universally true, has been, is and always will be true.  The thing you can depend on is this: “If we have died with Him we shall also live with Him; if we hold out to the end we shall also reign with Him” (2 Tm 2:11-12). Since this is true, instead of seeing our faith and church as something we have to do, or something that … Continue reading A pastoral note on church

It’s time to move from being a “When I”

We are not called to build monuments or lasting institutions, we are called to the great commission. Are we sitting back and waiting for someone else to do it? Waiting for the pastor to come and pray with that person or share Jesus with them? Is church a nice friendly place that you attend when it’s convenient? It’s time to mobilize your life and engage with God’s master plan for your life and the whole earth. It’s not for someone else, it’s for you. You have your part to play and it isn’t about just the leaders or someone else. … Continue reading It’s time to move from being a “When I”

Our search for utopia

The world is going a little crazy wouldn’t you say? The political correctness is going so far that if its right for me, then its right and you cannot say otherwise because you will be infringing on my freedom to choose. We are living in an increasingly relative world.Jim Manny said it this way, “When our personal fulfilment becomes of paramount consideration, we are adrift in a sea of relativism” The simplest way to explain relativism is to say, “Different strokes for different folks”. It’s the idea that what’s good or bad, right or wrong, or true or false, can … Continue reading Our search for utopia

Complacency is seductive

In my reading I this phrase this morning, “Complacency is seductive” The Fathers love is not complacent. Jesus giving His life for you is not complacent. It is intentional, relentless love toward you. Don’t be complacent about it, open your heart and receive it. How many complacent Christians are there in our city and nation? The statistics say that the population of South Africa is seventy five to eighty five percent Christian? If this statistic is to be believed and we examine the state of our nation, I suspect there are many complacent Christians. How different would our nation be … Continue reading Complacency is seductive

Does Jesus’ call threaten your lifestyle?

Does Jesus’ call on your life threaten your current lifestyle?  Many of the logos we see in advertising point to us living life as we want to.  Living life on our own terms.  NIKE – Just do it!  NIKE (again) – There is no finish line!  MACDONALD’s – I’m loving it!  SKITTLES – Taste the rainbow! RED BULL – Give you wings!  MAYBELLINE – “Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe It’s Maybelline”! L’OREAL – “Because You’re Worth It”! MASTERCARD – “For Everything Else, There’s MasterCard”!  JUNGLE OATS – The breakfast of champions! From many aspects of life and our interactions … Continue reading Does Jesus’ call threaten your lifestyle?

Discovering the will of God

We live in a microwave society, don’t we?  We know little of delayed gratification and waiting patiently for something. We also find many who are not prepared to put in the hard work but still expect massive results and benefits. “I need it, I must have it, and when… Right now!” People come to me for a coffee and expect that one cup of coffee will resolve twenty years of marital struggle.  When I ask questions like, “Are you prepared to put in the hard work, make some changes and forgive some offenses” there is often a reluctance.  “But Andrew, … Continue reading Discovering the will of God